NO NAME CAFEBook Reviewsand Interviews


  • Wing Beat
    Marilyn Meredith
  • Image Of Death
    Libby Fischer Hellmann
  • Nine Days To Evil
    Nancy Glass West
  • Island Of Bones
    P.J. Parrish
  • Wash And Wear: An Ed McAvoy Mystery
    Bill Stackhouse
  • Wedding’s Widow
    Alex Matthews
  • Persuader
    Lee Child
  • A Picture of Guilt
    Libby Fischer Hellmann
  • Parrot On A Limb: A Quinn McKay Mystery
    Lori Wolf
  • Black-Irish Setter
    Bill Stackhouse
  • Adverse Impact
    Phillip Tomasso III
  • Reservations For Murder
    Tim Myers
  • An Eye For Murder
    Libby Fischer Hellmann
  • Thicker Than Water
    P. J. Parrish
  • The Spider’s Touch
    Patricia Wynn
  • Encore To Murder: An Ed McAvoy Mystery
    Bill Stackhouse
  • Double Blind
    D. P. Lyle
  • Devil’s Playground
    D. P. Lyle
  • Reddy & Abel
    William M. Stephens
  • April Fool Dead: A Death On Demand Mystery
    Carolyn Hart
  • Clemson No. 3: The Bureau Series
    T. J. Fox/D. Henderson
  • Graven Images
    Nancy Mehl
  • RX Alibi
    Renee B. Horowitz
  • Plight of the Children
    Sharolett Koenig
  • Murder At The Red Dog
    John Hermann
  • The Tumbleweed Murders
    Rebecca Rothenberg & Taffy Cannon
  • Paint It Black
    P. J. Parish
  • The Fat Lady Sings
    David Scott Milton
  • The Last Death
    John Roynesdal
  • Dear Mouse
    Schuyler Kaufman
  • Intervention
    Marilyn Meredith
  • Full Circle
    Pat Browning
  • Unequally Yoked
    Marilyn Meredith
  • Cat’s Claw
    Alex Matthews
  • Miss President
    Robyn Leslie


  • Rex
    Fred Yager


  • Patricia Rushford
  • Lee Child
  • Tim Myers
  • Barbara Colley
  • Chester D. Campbell
  • Carolyn Rogers
  • Renee B. Horowitz
  • Jan Burke